Survey Launch is committed to gathering the information and background that serves as a powerful foundation for building programs, campaigns, and relationships most integral to the success of our clients. We believe data collection, research, and analytics hold the key to transforming the way government works with and for its constituents.

Digital channels and technical advances have opened opportunities to rethink how we collect and use information, and how that collection of information can act as a starting place for trust. At the same time, some audiences are best reached through more traditional channels. Our knowledge and research methods provide a reliable, integrity-rich way to reach into communities, connect with audiences, and gather the insights needed to develop robust, efficient, and transformational campaigns and connections.

Survey Launch offers solutions for online surveying, in-person interviewing, public input sessions, focus groups, SMS text surveys, feedback forms, compliance surveys, and alert systems, along with complex analyses and strong, actionable, and defensible insights and results. Survey Launch does not view research as a one way channel, but rather an opportunity to build open channels and connections that allow for ongoing feedback and support.